A trakt.tv API wrapper in R https://jemus42.github.io/tRakt
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tRakt (development version)

  • Add GitHub actions via usethis::use_github_actions()
  • Use the tidy CI setup via usethis::use_tidy_ci(), this bumps the R dependency to >= 3.2.

Authenticated requests

By default, all requests to the API are now made using authentication if a trakt_client_secret is set. See ?trakt_credentials() for details on how to set your credentials.
If no secret is available, unauthenticated requests are made as in previous versions. In this case, you still need either the built-in or your own trakt_client_id.

OAuth2 support comes with the need to handle secrets, i.e. .httr-oauth files. This can be a pain with headless/automated setups, which is why I am trying to keep "no auth needed" as the default, as most (implemented) endpoints don't strictly require authentication.

See vignette("Implemented-API-methods", package = "tRakt") for an overview of implemented methods with an indicator on whether authentication is required (it usually isn't).

New functions

  • episodes_summary() [shows/:id/seasons/:season/episodes/:episode]: What seasons_season() and seasons_summary() do, but for a single episode. Only really implemented for completeness' sake. Wraps this method.
  • user_profile() [user/:id]: Get a user's profile.
  • user_lists() [users/:id/lists]: Get all user lists.
  • user_list() [users/:id/lists/:list_id]: Get a single list.
  • user_list_items() [users/:id/lists/:list_id/items/:type]: Get the items in said lists.

The Renamingering

Rename all the things to snake_case and drop the trakt. prefix.
This results in (most) functions mapping directly to API endpoints in the form section_method, e.g. the API endpoint movies/collected is handled by function movies_collected().

  • trakt.search -> search_query()
  • trakt.search.byid -> search_id()

Dynamic Lists

  • trakt.popular
    • -> movies_popular()
    • -> shows_popular()
  • trakt.trending
    • -> movies_trending()
    • -> shows_trending()
  • trakt.anticipated
    • -> movies_anticipated()
    • -> shows_anticipated()
  • trakt.played
    • -> movies_played()
    • -> shows_played()
  • trakt.watched
    • -> movies_watched()
    • -> shows_watched()
  • trakt.collected()
    • -> movies_collected()
    • -> shows_collected()
  • trakt.updates()
    • -> movies_updates()
    • -> shows_updates()


  • trakt.movies.summary -> movies_summary()
  • trakt.movies.boxoffice -> movies_boxoffice()
  • trakt.movies.releases -> movies_releases()
  • trakt.movies.people -> movies_people()


  • trakt.shows.summary -> shows_summary()
  • trakt.shows.people -> shows_people()


  • trakt.seasons.summary -> seasons_summary()
  • trakt.seasons.season -> seasons_season() (It's silly, I know, but oh well)


  • trakt.movies.ratings -> movies_ratings()
  • trakt.shows.ratings -> shows_ratings()
  • trakt.seasons.ratings -> seasons_ratings()
  • trakt.episodes.ratings -> episodes_ratings()
  • trakt.movies.related -> movies_related()
  • trakt.shows.related -> shows_related()


  • trakt.movies.stats -> movies_stats()
  • trakt.shows.stats -> shows_stats()
  • trakt.seasons.stats -> seasons_stats()
  • trakt.episodes.stats -> episodes_stats()


  • trakt.people.summary -> people_summary()
  • trakt.people.movies -> people_movies()
  • trakt.people.shows -> people_shows()

User functions

  • trakt.user.network
    • -> user_followers()
    • -> user_following()
    • -> user_friends()
  • trakt.user.collection -> user_collection()
  • trakt.user.history -> user_history()
  • trakt.user.ratings -> user_ratings()
  • trakt.user.stats -> user_stats()
  • trakt.user.watched -> user_watched()
  • trakt.user.watchlist -> user_watchlist()

tRakt 0.15.0

This is a big one, but not 1.0.0 big one I guess.
This is a consolidation release with lots of internal improvements, but for the 1.0.0 I decided to overhaul the structure of the package again, so before I completely break any kind of backwards compatiblity, I thought I'd get this one out.

Consolidation for the people

  • Major refactor of the docs. Sadly, the user will only notice a little more consistency.

  • Consolidate related functions into the same Rd page

  • Centrally document common parameters and reuse them where needed

  • Also consolidate many similar functions by factoring out the relevant bits into more flexible helper functions. In some cases those are exported as well.

  • In the process, some functions where partially renamed (.show. -> .shows., .movie. -> .movies.) for consistency.

  • Rename get_trakt_credentials -> trakt_credentials

  • Many functions now return much flatter output, notably *people* functions. They return a list with cast and crew objects, which in turn are both flat tibbles.


  • Improved search function (trakt.search).
    • If the result has a year that is NA but a search score == 1000, that's probably bad and dropped.
  • Added more of the automated list methods, like most anticipated, most played and most watched items.
  • Added trakt.user.history for user/:id/history methods

tRakt 0.14.0

Many functions were refactored, which in some cases changes the output.
Not only do most functions return a tibble now, but some additionally computed variables have been removed as well.

Starting to clean things up with some major housekeeping

  • usethis::use_* all the things, basically.
  • Add a pkgdown site and a README.Rmd
  • Use codecov
  • Apply styler::style_pkg()
  • Update documentation to use markdown
  • Redo vignette
  • Tests. So many tests.

Less plyr, more purrr

  • Completely removed plyr dependency in favor of purrr

tRakt 0.13.0

  • Rename trakt.getEpisodeData -> trakt.get_all_episodes
    • Expand handling of season_nums argument to make it easier to get all episodes of a show.
    • Vectorize to enable multiple target input
  • Rename trakt.getFullShowData -> trakt.get_full_showdata

tRakt 0.12.1

  • Vectorize trakt.seasons.summary
  • Fix some bugs
  • Improve tests

tRakt 0.12.0

API changes, functional fixes

  • Add dropunaired param to trakt.seasons.summary (defaults to TRUE).
    • Requires extended to be more than min since the required aired_episodes field is only present with higher levels of detail.
  • Add extended param to trakt.user.f*
  • Fix trakt.user.f* now return NULL when the user is private instead of failing.

Internal changes

  • User internal, generalized functions to reduce duplicate code for the following:
    • trakt.*.popular
    • trakt.*.related
    • trakt.*.trending
    • trakt.*.summary
    • trakt.*.ratings

Vectorization improvements

  • Add multiple target input support (vectorization) for:
    • trakt.user.f* functions: Results will be rbinded together and a source_user column is appended.
    • trakt.seasons.season: Soon to make trakt.getEpisodeData obsolete.
    • trakt.*.summary: Forces force_data_frame to TRUE to enable rbinding.
    • trakt.*.related: Appends source column containing respective input id.
    • trakt.*.ratings: Returns result as a list with each entry containing data for each show or movie to accommodate the distribution variable (data.frame)
    • trakt.people.summary: Appends person column with target id.
    • trakt.*.watching: Returns data.frame with source column containing each target.

tRakt 0.11.3

API changes, functional fixes

  • Add build_trakt_url to ease trakt API URL assembly and reduce duplicate code.
  • Add force_data_frame option to trakt.*.summary: Forces unnesting.
  • Rename trakt.show.stats to trakt.stats, will work with both movies and shows as soon as the API endpoint actually works.

Minor changes

  • Expand @family tags in docs a little

tRakt 0.11.2

API changes, functional fixes

  • Add trakt.movie.watching and trakt.show.watching: Get trakt.tv users watching.
  • Add trakt.movie.releases: Gets release dates & certifications per movie.
  • Fix trakt.search.byid: Used to only work on shows, now actually works on movies.
  • Fix fix_datetime (internal): improve reliability.

Minor changes

  • Fix documentation error in *.movie.* functions.
  • Added tests for new functions

tRakt 0.11.1

  • Internal restructuring (moving functionally similar functions together)
    • TODO: Create generic functions for both movie and show functions to reduce duplicate code
  • Add extended param to trakt.user.watchlist
  • Improve consistency between trakt.user.watched and trakt.user.collection
    • Rename slug to id.slug
    • Ensure proper datetime conversion
  • Fix error in trakt.user.watchlist when type = shows was ignored by accident

tRakt 0.11.0

  • Rename trakt.getSeasons -> trakt.seasons.summary for consistency with the trakt API.
  • Rename trakt.show.season -> trakt.seasons.season for consistency with the trakt API.
  • Rename getNameFromUrl -> parse_trakt_url to be more descriptive. Also, de-camelCasezation.
  • Update vignette to reflect the above changes
  • Add some people functions:
    • trakt.people.summary
    • trakt.people.movies
    • trakt.people.shows
  • Unify output of trakt.show.people and trakt.movie.people
  • Add extended argument to trakt.movies.related and trakt.shows.related (defaults to min)
  • Add page param to paginated functions:
    • trakt.shows.popular
    • trakt.shows.trending
    • trakt.movies.popular
    • trakt.movies.trending
  • The usual bug fixes

tRakt 0.10.3

  • trakt.user.stats:
    • Tidy up rating distribution
    • Remove to.data.frame option because the output is too messy
  • Add another @family tag to docs for aggregation functions (.popular, .trending, .related)
  • Individual functions don't have to warn about missing headers, that's trakt.api.call's job.
  • trakt.getEpisodeData:
    • Explicitly drop episodes with NA firstaired fields
    • The episode_abs field is usually NA, so let's dump epnum on it
  • Use extended = "min" as default across functions for consistency with the trakt API

tRakt 0.10.2

  • Add year parameter to trakt.search
  • If query in trakt.search ends with a 4 digit number, this will be used as year parameter and stripped from the original query
  • Minor internal fixes

tRakt 0.10.1

  • Add testthat tests
  • Internal changes to how/where datetime variables are converted (user doesn't see any of that)
    • If lubridate::parse_date_time fails, as.POSIXct is used as a fallback
  • Various bug fixes

tRakt 0.10.0

  • Add movie functions:
    • trakt.movies.popular: Analogous to trakt.shows.popular
    • trakt.movies.trending: Analogous to trakt.shows.trending
    • trakt.movie.summary: Get a single movie's details, analogous to trakt.show.summary
    • trakt.movies.related: Get related movies
    • trakt.movie.people: Analogous to trakt.show.people
  • Add both trakt.show.ratings and trakt.movie.ratings to receive just the ratings and distribution for a single show or movie
  • Rename trakt.show.related -> trakt.shows.related for consistency with .trending and .popular
  • Expand allowed target params in accordance with changed trakt API docs

tRakt 0.9.0

  • Specified more exclusive package version requirements to avoid unforseen errors
  • Add trakt.user.ratings: Currently supported types: shows, movies, episodes
  • Add extended option to trakt.shows.popular and .trending
  • Make code in vignette a little more robust

tRakt 0.8.1

  • Fix a whole bunch of typos I only found after the CRAN release, naturally
  • Improve consistency across functions
    • The date fields ending in .posix have been removed and the existing date fiels are now converted to POSIXct to remove cluttering
    • firstaired.posix -> first_aired etc
  • Update vignette for the above change

tRakt 0.8.0

  • Added more user-facing functions (trakt.user.following / .followers / .friends) because maybe I want to throw networkD3 at my people
  • Improve consistency with date variables: The .posix variables should be removed and the existing date variables should just be properly converted to POSIXct
  • Improve documentation: Added @family tags to all functions to group them together
  • Add a package vignette
  • Minor fixes and non-breaking additions
  • Trying to keep things organized and all I got was this inconsistently header'd NEWS.md

tRakt 0.0.1


I've been working on some user-specific methods, so you can now use the trakt.user.* family of functions to get a user's…

  • Collection: trakt.user.collection()
  • Watched items: trakt.user.watched()
  • Stats: trakt.user.stats()

All of them default to the username set in getOption("trakt.username"), but any publicly viewable user should work. Note that OAuth2 is not implemented, so private users can't be accessed.


As of today, all the functions are updated to use the new APIv2, except for trakt.show.stats, which is currently not yet implemented at trakt.tv, see their docs

Now the package is usable again, and I can continue to work on bug fixes and enhancements. Yay.


I am now trying to migrate everything to the new trakt.tv APIv2. Since I mostly don't know what I'm doing, I have to make this up as I go along, but oh well. Now the search function trakt.search should be working fine, as it is the only function that is tested/built with the new API in mind. Others to come.