A speedrun.com API wrapper for R https://jemus42.github.io/speedrunr/
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  • Improved documentation
  • Organizational:
    • Add travis gh actions.
    • Auto-deploy pkgdown site via travis gh actions.
  • Output changes:
    • get_runs now always embeds player data, adding player_name and related columns.

speedrunr 0.2.0

  • Added datasets: platforms and regions for easier id resolving.

  • Added functions:

    • get_leaderboards: Get... a leaderboard.
    • get_variables_game: Get a game’s variables/values.
    • add_platforms and add_regions: Use packaged data to resolve these in run tbls.
    • add_players: Similiar use, but actually does API calls, but only one per unique player_id.
  • API changes:

    • rename get_variables to get_variable as it only works on a single variable anyway.
  • Fixes:

    • get_categories now does not fail anymore if one or more categories has no rules.
    • get_runs should properly handle pagination (i.e. max > 200) now.

speedrunr 0.1.0

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.
  • Added functions:
    • get_games: Search for a game and retrieve its id which is required for the next step.
    • get_platforms: List all the platforms runs are being done on.
    • get_categories: Get a game’s categories (needs id as per get_games).
    • get_runs: Get runs. Needs game and category to be useful, hence the previous functions.
    • get_variables: To resolve category/game-specific variables, e.g. 150cc in Mario Kart.
    • get_regions: Get all the regions.
    • find_records: To append a boolean record-column on a run tbl, denoting records.
    • is_outlier: For quick outlier detection based on IQR.